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Storage Trunks for Décor or Utility

Storage trunks are among the earliest, most adaptable and utilitarian items of furniture devised since the dawn of civilization. Trunks have been used for storage and for carrying different kinds of possessions in transport even before the middle ages. In the US, the trunks initially made an appearance in the late 18th century. They were largely wooden, and gradually, people began to embellish them with different kinds of material ranging from handmade brass tacks to forged iron locks.

Storage options are significant, more so when you are putting up in an ambience that is marked by restricted space. You’ve got to store things away in order to keep them safe, and at the same time, you want the stuff to be kept out of your way especially in an open plan multi-functional room. Many people get to such a point in no time where they want to de-clutter their house. Well, a storage trunk comes in handy when trying to deal with such a situation. These storage trunks can contain lots of items that you need, but also want to tuck away somewhere. And you can access these items whenever you want to. While you can make these storage trunks part of your décor, you can also put them into a vault. Now, let’s have a look at different kinds of storage trunks:

Decorative storage trunks

The decorative storage trunks on offer in the market include Jamal Galvanised 3 piece trunk set, Midcre large Victorian trunk, Monserrat round top treasure trunk, Sosebee storage trunk, Angelique storage chest and old style desk podium chest.

Wood chest coffee table

Those who are keen on having storage choices without occupying too much space need to improvise. One way of doing that is to make your storage trunk a part and parcel of the design of your living room. It is very much in order to purchase a storage trunk that will also serve as an attractive coffee table. Thus, it could be a trunk chest coffee table. A vintage trunk coffee table is also an option if you wish to go the extra mile as far as aesthetics are concerned.

Steamer trunks

Cabin trunks, that are, at times, referred to as "true" steamer trunks, were the equivalent of the carry-on luggage of today. They were small enough to adjust themselves under berths in trains or in the cabin of a steamer, which led to their nomenclature. Today they are unique pieces of décor used for anything from coffee tables to display cabinets.

Small wooden storage boxes with drawers

If you are tired of spending your precious time untangling necklaces, you can arrange your knick-knacks with panache in jewellery boxes having drawers and hooks. Such a storage chest with drawers can also have a mirror at the top, and even additional compartments and space for keeping rings.

Galvanized metal trunk

Galvanization or galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, to prevent rusting. Galvanized trunks are thus made using durable materials that serve to ensure that the trunks will remain in a good condition for years together.

Rustic trunk

Be prepared to be blown away if you wish to have a peek at the variety available when it comes to rustic trunks. They include rustic distressed black wooden large storage trunks, wooden rectangular lined rustic storage trunk with latch, rustic grey large wooden storage trunk coffee table with drawers, Victorian style whitewashed distressed wood with antique hardware rustic trunk and rustic barn wood trunk – The list goes on and on.

Plastic storage trunk

Plastic storage trunks come in various shapes, colours and sizes too. Take, for instance, Plano 108 Qt Sportsman Trunk Olive Green, Plano 56 Qt. Sportsman Trunk Black, Plano Black 108 Quart Waterproof Storage Trunk and SHELVES 50 Gal. XL Heavy-Duty Storage Trunk.

Oversized storage trunks

You can store your board games, or bedding, or whatever, in oversized storage trunks. Such a storage trunk could be a wicker large storage trunk, Seward trunk, Advantus modern footlocker trunk with wheels, Amancio grey storage trunk, or a flat bench top toy and storage box.

Military trunk box

Military trunk boxes are prized possessions for many. These include vintage wooden military trunks that are often in good vintage condition with some wear and discoloration. These are largely metal boxes.

Storage chest for your bedroom

 Storage chests put away in a corner of the bedroom could save you a whole lot of space, what with the large number of drawers in there. A 10-drawer cart can help you get organized in a jiffy. A cabinet can round off a storage chest’s look.

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