About Us

The Moving and Improving story starts back in 2015, when a group of property and business professionals came together to create an easy way for UK residents to access information and property professionals and specialists to move or improve their home.

Creating a community that focuses on the customer experience and providing a service that is driven by our customers, we provide information that is accessible, relevant, informative and could save you time and money. Even as property professionals, with years of industry knowledge and experience, the home moving and improving experience can be just as difficult and stressful for us. Our aim is to provide you with information to help you make decisions about your home that benefit you.

What really are the benefits of moving rather than improving? Where can you get advice about extending your home, and an idea of cost. Could a surveyor or architect offer advice, inspirational and affordable ideas before you decide to move rather than improve? So many questions and nowhere seemed to offer a quick and easy way to find the benefits of home moving and the options of improving.

 Who Are Moving and Improving?

Moving and Improving are property revolutionaries, dedicated to helping as many people as possible through the experiences and processes involved in moving and improving homes in the UK

Our property professionals are creating a community for home movers and improvers who want choice, information and value for money.

‘Moving home or improving your current residence can be costly, time consuming and filled with stress but it doesn’t have to be. There are better options out there but until now finding information and solutions has been a challenge, a long process filled with uncertainty and concerns. We want to help people through the process of moving and improving by providing information, professional advice, ideas and match the home mover and improver’s needs with the best deals and professionals.’ Amanda Cryer, Director

What We Do

At Moving and Improving we are now finding the best surveyors, online estate agents, mortgage brokers and more. We weigh up all the options and present you with a handful of the very best choices which you can compare side by side to find the perfect solution for you. Read our blog, ‘Top ten tips for using a surveyor even when you are NOT moving home‘ you may be surprised at how much our professionals can help you improve as well as move

Our online estate agents, provide high-quality service with a modern approach but without charging commission on the sale and potentially saving you thousands of pounds in fees.

And you don’t have to be moving or improving to consider a mortgage review from one of mortgage brokers. Our mortgage brokers can offer an online service across the UK, quickly finding and arranging the right mortgage for you, saving you time and money

Wherever you move or however you improve, dwell well with Moving and Improving

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