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Décor mistakes that kill interior style

Interior design isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. You really do need an eye for it and a fair amount of skill. It is after all why specialist interior design services exist! Getting décor in the home right requires a certain flair. You’ll need to have an eye for colour, spatial arrangement, architecture and textiles.

Fabrics, furniture and colour aren’t all you have to think about. In order to pull off a stunning interior, you’ll need to be able to understand the structural integrity of your property and be able to create an interior that is sensitive to its surroundings.

If you are determined to give interior design a go, at least be sure you don’t make these common mistakes.

Going against the flow

Every home has its natural flow. It’s called harmony in the home! Based on the idea of Feng Shui, decorating your home to suit what is intended for the space is the way to ensure rooms have a positive energy.  

So, before any planned interior design, consider the flow of light and energy. Opening windows and allowing natural light and ventilation in to your home will have positive effects on your health and mood. Plants can also improve air quality by trapping certain air pollutants, reducing airborne dust and generally helping us breathe more easily. 

Where furniture is placed can affect flow and energy and when considering interior design all of these factors should be taken in to consideration to make sure as well as looking amazing, your home is healthy.

Too many wow pieces

Too much of a good thing can turn a wow factor room into a cluttered space full of mis-matched furniture and way too many interior accessories. Bespoke furnishings, eye-catching art, statement lighting and eclectic home decorations can make an interior stand out from the crowd in isolation, but put them all together and style can quickly turn gaudy.

It’s very easy to become overindulgent when it comes to making interior design choices, especially if you are seeking an opulent look. For wow pieces to really stand out, they require careful balancing with understated style.

Interior design company Pfeiffer Design advise to err on the side of caution when looking to achieve wow-factor in the home. They prefer to combine luxurious simplicity with bespoke statement pieces. Remember, less is often more (that doesn’t mean your interior has to look plain or boring). Carefully selected statement pieces, such as a grand chandelier can add real elegance to a room without over-complicating it.

Over-decorating can make an interior feel claustrophobic. While maximalism is the latest interiors trend, it takes a special interior designer to make a maximalist interior look good. In most cases maximalism is an excuse for clutter. Don’t buy into it unless you are confident you can nail it.

Fabric faux pas

Fabrics are a great way to bring pattern and texture into the home from upholstery to drapes. Sounds simple, but there is an art to balancing pattern and texture in home interiors. And remember, texture is especially important in single colour schemes.

There are also some no-nos for using certain types of fabric for particular interior projects. Don’t, for example, use silk without knit-backing for upholstery. All silk, including that used for curtains, should be lined. Remember sun can spoil fabrics too, so in a sunny room, blinds made from hardier fabrics are a better option.

For sun spoilt rooms, you can minimise sun damage to your interiors by using a window film to reduce the transmission of heat and UV rays.

Be wary of using too many complicated clashing patterns. While a clever eye can make a pattern clash look stylish, this is no easy feat. 

The showroom look

With so many choices to make when designing any interior, it’s easy to fall into the trap of creating a room that looks like furniture and accessories have all been purchased from the same shop, even if they haven’t. To individualise a room, there needs to be an eclectic mix of bespoke, new and vintage elements. Vintage statement pieces can often be found in charity shops or car boot sales. A painting bought at a car boot sale in May 2019 for £230 is currently being assessed as it is thought to be a real Picasso worth £750,000!

Another mistake often made with interiors is making the space feel like it is too precious to live in. The secret to a successful yet luxury interior is to make it sophisticated and interesting but also comfortable and inviting.

Knick-knack overkill

For a room to look good it needs a big statement piece of furniture and not too many knick-knacks. A mix of big and small is key (both when it comes to furniture and accessories). The secret is to balance everything. For example, in a living room with a large sofa, slender armchairs are a good match. 

A large piece of art on one wall shouldn’t be opposite another large piece of art. You want statement art to draw the eye. 

There is a knack to hanging wall art, so brush up on the rules before you start drilling holes in the wall. 

The rug’s too small

Always upsize when it comes to rugs. This is an investment piece, so don’t be tempted to skimp on cost by going smaller. A rug is and should be a focal point in the living room. A rug that is too small cheapens the look and can make a living room look awkward. Reserve small rugs for the bedroom! Measure up, and go for the biggest one your room can handle.

Styling your home like you’ve hired an interior designer isn’t easy, but it is perfectly do-able. 

Good Luck!

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