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7 Moving Home Mistakes You Must Avoid

Moving home is a difficult process to say the least.

You’ll often find yourself wondering where to start, how to get from A to B in X amount of time and all the steps in between.

To make matters even more difficult, you’ll be subject to hundreds of removals companies all claiming to offer you the best deals out there.

To help you avoid the costly mistakes involved when moving to your new house, you can find a list of the 7 most common mistakes below:

Get Quotes ASAP

Get a quote far in advance to ensure you can move to your new house when you want to.

August is one of the busiest months to move. It’s of paramount importance that you book your removals company at least 3-4 months in advance when moving in August. This will help you to avoid disappointment.

If you’re looking at moving during most other months, a minimum amount of time required is 4 weeks whilst the average removals date is booked in roughly 6 weeks to 2 months in advance.


Avoid These Dates

Since 2007, August 30th has consistently topped the charts as being the busiest day to move in the UK. Dates toward the end of the month, like May 30th and April 30th, also tend to be far more popular to those planning a move.

Oh, and whatever you do, make sure you avoid Friday. Unless, of course, you like competing for removals companies and enjoy being stuck in traffic.

With 27.7% of movers picking a Friday to move since 2007, moving on a Friday increases your chance of the removals truck getting stuck in traffic and not making it on time. This can cause a domino effect which leads to the whole move being rescheduled.

Your best bet is to move on a weekday in January or February. This means that the removals truck is much less likely to be stuck in traffic and moving day can proceed as planned.

Great Deal vs Cheap Movers

‘It’s too good to be true.’

This age-old saying is still applicable today, especially when it comes to moving to a new house.

Make sure that the removals company you’ve found is offering you a solid and firm deal, and that you know the contract in and out.

Cheap or illegitimate removals may end up in damaged items, a contract that is layered with traps which ends in you forking out hundreds more than you expected, or even with the movers not showing up at all.

When comparing removal companies, make sure you find one that has many positive reviews and is BAR accredited.


The chain can get very long in the moving process.

It’s important that when picking a completion date, everyone agrees and that there is written communication.

This is just another area where delays can occur, so communication is key here to make for a stress-free and smooth move to your new home.

Start Packing Early

Not ready on the day of your move? Sadly, this has been known to happen in this process.

Make sure that you are fully packed by the time of moving day. You can keep ahead of this by setting deadlines for specific rooms and leaving enough extra time should it be required at the end.

It’s difficult to know how long it will take to pack away everything in your home, and this is where removal companies can help you by giving you advice.

You don’t want to be caught out when it comes to moving day.

Reserving a Space

With everything piling up on top of you, things begin to slip through, and one of the most common is forgetting to reserve a space outside your house for the removals truck.

You can do this in any number of ways: inform your neighbours, park your vehicles outside and move them when the truck arrives or even just using some traffic cones (not normally at hand however you can always use your bins instead).


Large furniture and appliances will take the most time to get onto the removals truck.

It’s a good idea to learn how to take apart the large items early on, so when moving day comes you can either take it apart really quickly or have it apart ready to be put straight on the truck.

This small step could be the difference between moving today or tomorrow, as sometimes items are so tricky to move or take apart, no preparation has been had, and they have to be moved to another day. Preparation is key.

This article has been provided by Ross Evans a blogging enthusiast and lead writer for international removals firm White & Company. 

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