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6 good reasons to buy a holiday home in Cornwall

The double whammy of the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit has pushed up the demand for UK holidays like never before. Whether restrictions mean that people aren’t able to travel abroad, or can’t face the extra paperwork required and the longer airport queues, the fact is that many holidaymakers now choose to look to our own shores for short breaks and longer stays.

This is good news for holiday property owners who will be looking forward to high levels of return over the coming seasons. If you are considering investing in a holiday home, Cornwall is well worth a look - and now may be the perfect time to buy property there.

It’s one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK and a beautiful part of the country, with quiet fishing villages, quirky market towns, and quaint seaside resorts offering a wealth of activities for all the family. Add to this the famous golden beaches and mild climate, and you’ve got yourself a perfect location for a sound property investment. Here are some good reasons why it may just be the right option for you.

1. Comparatively low property prices

“Cornwall properties are not expensive when compared to the overheated London and South East market,” advises one local property investment guide. It may be cheaper to buy in St Austell than St Albans, but it will also take longer to achieve capital growth in the South West. However, if you take a long-term view and let out the property through the year, it should not only pay for itself but return a good profit too.

2.Thriving tourism industry

Tourism is Cornwall’s main source of income and the county is geared up for visitors all year round, not just in the summer. Across the region, You will find a wide range of visitor attractions of all shapes and sizes - both natural and manmade - in all parts of the county. From Bude in the north to Lizard Point on the South Coast, from Plymouth on the Devon border to the far corner of Penzance, there is certainly no lack of demand for holiday accommodation.

3.Not difficult to get to

The roads to Cornwall are well-trodden and the already strong road network beyond the M5 motorway is continually improved every winter. There’s a regional airport at Newquay while the mainline railway from London, Bristol and the North extends all the way down to Penzance, with many picturesque branch lines connecting smaller coastal resorts. While driving in Cornwall can be a baffling experience if you’re not used to sharing the carriageway with cyclists, pedestrians, tractors and animals, it’s all part of the charm

4.Year-round demand for accommodation

Holidays in the UK typically fall into peak and off-peak periods, with property rental during school holidays offering much healthier returns for landlords. Peak season can start from the Easter holidays onwards and last into September, and rental prices in the most popular Cornish resorts such as St Ives, Falmouth, Bude, and Newquay are some of the most expensive in the country. Off-peak prices are naturally lower on account of lower levels of demand, though much of Cornwall has year-round appeal.

5.Property investments to suit your budget

The beauty of investing in Cornwall holiday property is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Whether you choose to buy a mobile home or a static caravan in a holiday park, a bungalow or detached house, a folly, mansion, or a castle, there’s something for every budget. Sometimes, the most unusual holiday homes are not only the quickest to get booked up but are popular in and out of season, as holidaymakers look for unique experiences in characterful surroundings that they cannot get at home. Here’s a good selection of quirky places to stay.

6.An excellent choice for head and heart

Buying a holiday property in Cornwall is likely to be as much of a financially prudent decision as it is a lifestyle choice. If you love Cornwall and you keep coming back to visit, investing in property here will lower your own holidaying costs in the longer term, while providing an excellent opportunity to maximise returns on the investment when you’re not there. With capital growth over time, your Cornwall home could provide a more valuable nest egg than any buy-to-let property, and may even be your future retirement home.

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